Davids Corner!
It’s been a while

Well I must say that I am very happy with how the, “David Forgets,” site launch went. It is so good to know there are people out there who still follow us after so long!!!

I promise I will put up more efforts to update this.


Beer Run is nearing 3 million views and has surpassed Explosm’s previously most-viewed-cartoon Waiting for the Bus (Despite WftB’s 4 month/1.5 million view head start)!

As the director/voice of green/animator, I am taking all the credit.  Congratulations Chase!

p.s. my website www.davidforgets.com is still less than one day old but has a bunch of funny videos to watch already :D

Old drawings

David’s Corner?  Who is David and why does he get a whole corner all to himself?  Well, you nosy prick, I’ll have you know I was born like everyone else! 2 pounds 3 ounces and in a dumpster. I deserve this corner as much as any red blooded American.

While hiding some soiled undies in the attic I found some old drawings from my childhood! I was asked to draw these to describe my happy life… My god.. My artsmanship is unmatched!


My friends were always a little mean to me as a kid. They would call me names and laugh at me whenever I messed up. I never held a grudge when they did. We all deal with harassment in different ways


My genius as a child was far beyond my other peers. So far that everyday in class I was asked to sit outside. My outbursts were full of so much truth and insight that it made all the other kids dumber by how powerful my words were. I can remember splashing in the puddles with glee at the thought of how knowledgeable I was


I had the perfect home with the perfect family. My parents were happily married and I was always there to share in the love. Me and Boogie-bot 3000 were best of friends. I never had a brother, but I accepted Boogie-bot into our loving, caring, and nurturing family with open arms

What a lovely trip down memory lane. With my nasty undies gone and my amazing youth uncovered I do believe it is time for some beers!


David Forgets to Take it Easy

This is the first episode of David Forgets we’ve made in over 2 years.  This exists (and will continue to exist) because David and I believe it can be something special.  And we’re not the only ones, it was the donations of over 400 dollars from our amazing fans to help us buy a camera that also made this happen.  If you don’t normally watch my videos, you’d put a big smile on my face if you watched this one :D

After much time, and much effort, www.DavidForgets.com is now a reality!

PS: Mike Parker and Kris Wilson are the radio Deejays in the above episode!


Late night David Forgets!